How to make face mask from a t-shirt without sewing


Lexie Perez has shared her method for turning an old T-shirt into a face mask. She is a petty officer with the US Navy in Hawaii.

How To Make A No-Sew Face Mask from a t-shirt

Homemade face masks have become essential items during the COVID-19 pandemic and now they’re more important than ever. The CDC recently changed its guidelines to say that everyone should wear some form of a cloth face-covering in public places. If buying a mask or sewing one isn’t ideal for you, it’s surprisingly easy and Lexie Perez walks us through the steps to make a DIY face mask with materials you already have at home. How To Make A No-Sew Face Mask from t-shirt

If you don’t have time to make DYI facemask, you can buy facemask pack at bucktee

  • Long service life, can be washed to reuse multiple times.
  • No stitches, use Simply compress technology, comfortable to wear
  • Antibacterial.
  • Masks are made of antibacterial fabric. Normal antibacterial masks can be reused up to 30 times after washing.
  • All masks include dust filter 2.5PM
  • Mask size is European size. 8.66inchx6.7inch

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